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CasePrepPlus™ is a weekly service highlighting and summarizing the most recent and significant New York appellate cases (with links to the full opinions), plus alerts and reminders about recent legislation and uniform rules changes — the only such service available in one place for the New York Bar — plus a unique key word and topic research system into our case archives, which provides a fast and easy way to find current case law for motions, briefs and case intake.

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CasePrepPlus™ covers the Court of Appeals and the Appellate Division (First, Second, Third and Fourth Departments). Second Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court cases having significance for New York practitioners are also highlighted; questions certified by the Second Circuit to the New York Court of Appeals are routinely included and followed. All issues can be printed so that you can review them when you don’t have access to a computer. And our Privacy Policy assures you that we will not transfer or sell your contact information to third parties, including our advertisers.

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